The Big Concern with Gay Marriage

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Gay Marriage

For many years the topic of homosexual marriage, also known as gay marriage, has been a main concern throughout the world. Many people believe that marriage should be met between a man and a woman, while others simply believe that marriage should be between those who love whoever they want to love and be with. Throughout the years the role of gay marriage has been changing constantly, and will continue to change as years go on. About fifty years ago gay marriage was completely illegal and seemed to be unnatural and wrong. Since then, views have changed and people began to realize love is love and marriage between homosexuals should be legal to maintain equality within the states. Gay marriage should be legalized within the United States because it will provide happiness and equality for many people. First of all, the main concern with gay marriage has been the religious views of many people. Gay marriage has been stuck in the closet (pun intended) because the government tries to keep everyone politically and religiously happy. Second, states are beginning to realize that gay marriage is not the worst thing in the world and are slowly legalizing it. Third, gay marriage is played into the political views because of the many laws that are made to prevent it. Then there ways that gay married couples are treated differently. Lastly, many believe that children should have a man and a woman as their parents but gay couples do just as fine as heterosexual families do.

To make sure there is a partial understanding at to what is at hand, here is a brief summary of the history of the battle for gay marriage. In the year 1996, the Defense of Marriage Act was passed which prevents homosexual couples from receiving and benefi...

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...ay marriage within it. Until, they started to make them legal themselves. As of January in two thousand and fourteen there are seventeen states that legalized gay marriage. Majority of these states made gay marriage legal in the year two thousand and thirteen. Massachusetts was the first state to allow gay marriage in two thousand and three. Ever since then states have slowly began to disregard the laws against gay marriage and take a stand and become individual, allowing gay marriage. In November of twenty thirteen, Illinois became the sixteenth state to allow same sex marriage (Nicks). The governor signed a legislation stating that gay marriage will be legal in the state of Illinois and that it will take effect in June of two thousand-fourteen. The convener stated, “‘there is no straight or gay marriage. From now on there is only marriage in Illinois’” (Nicks).
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