The Benefits of Christian Expansion in Chinese Society

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China is rapidly becoming a prominent country within the global community. With its capitalist economy, China has grown from a third-world country to a modernized center of industry. In spite of economic freedom, the Chinese people do not have the equally important social freedoms enjoyed by citizens of other global powers. Social movements such as religious growth, especially Christian expansion, are strongly scrutinized by the Chinese government because it believes it will undermine the current ruling party and Chinese society. Contrary to this opinion, the growth of china' class='brand-secondary'>Christianity in China is more likely to increase the degree of stability in Chinese society.

To begin with, the expansion of Christianity in China will increase political stability in Chinese society. Initially, this claim seems illogical due to the stance of the Chinese government. As journalist Brian Speagle notes, the government of China is wary of Christianity’s expansion, “…fearing that faith in God will soon subvert faith in the [Communist] party…” (1). Essentially, Speagle is stating that communists fear Christianity because they believe Chinese Christians will oppose every government action due to religious devotion. While this philosophy is popular in the Communist party, an examination of the beliefs of Chinese Christians refutes this faulty conclusion. A prominent example that contrasts the government stance on Christianity is found in the beliefs of house churches of China. These churches are not recognized by the state as legitimate religious groups, but in an appeal to Chinese officials house church leaders repeatedly emphasize their support of the government. The church leaders state that Christians in China, “…are opposed to the church t...

... middle of paper ... the expansion of Christianity by promoting unity through moral responsibility in the future.

In conclusion, Chinese society more likely to increase in stability as Christianity expands in China. From a political standpoint, Christianity’s growth will work to improve the support of the Communist party in China. In terms of economics, Christianity’s expansion in China will spur both national economic growth and individual income improvement. Culturally, Christianity’s development in China will create a universal moral code that unifies the country and promotes parity. Christianity’s role in Chinese society is more important than the average observer would recognize. To the believer in China or abroad, the growth of Christianity in China needs to celebrated and its effects on societal stability seen as evidence of God’s grace in the redemption of all people.

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