The Benefits Of The Cry It Out Method

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An infant is created helpless, the infant depend on their mother for nine months for every need that they have. One day before the infant realizes what is going on they are being introduced to a new, loud, bright, big scary world. Right from birth the infant is poked and prodded and passed from person to person then the infant is placed in their mother’s arms. As the infant lays down on their mother’s chest the infant feels the warmth of their mother’s body. The infant hears a familiar sound of their mother’s voice as the infant on their mother’s chest then starts to cry. The only way this infant can commutate is by crying. The only way the infant knows to get there needs met are by crying but what happen to the infant and parent when the infant is left to cry it out?
When infants are left to cry themselves to sleep it teaches them to fall asleep on their own, that’s known as the ‘’Cry it out’’ (CIO) method. The benefits of using the cry it out method will makes an infant be able to self sooth, become independent. Essential this method would lead to the child being able to sleep thought out the night and wake less often then children who hasn’t learned to self sooth. Which would make infants have less sleep problems become more successful sleepers as they grow up in age. (McClure 2015)
What are the long term negative effects in not meeting an
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There are different types of cries the basic cry, mad cry, and the pain cry. A basic cry starts softly and then becomes more intense,it is often brought on by hunger. The basic cry can also be brought on by diaper needing to be changed. Mad cry is like a basic cry but it is more intense and it is brought on more sudden it’s louder due to much more air is being forced through the vocal cord. Pain cry is a brassier and a louder cry that starts with a sudden burst, followed by long pauses as the infant gasps for air, or the infant holds their breath between cries. (Kail R.2014
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