The Beer Dryer: The Benefits Of A Beer Dryer

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It may sound a little strange, but beer dryer has unseen medical and aesthetic effect. Thanks to the malt and hops that are rich in proteins, this drink is recovering cracked hair and revives volume. Also, maltose and saccharin provide superior shine and give new strength to your scalp. This technique should be used by all those who regularly ironed their hair. Also, it is the best way to restore natural shine and volume. In addition, there are numerous benefits for the skin you probably did not know. In fact, this drink based on yeast eliminate persistent acne and prevent the way and wrinkles. Shampooing beer and twisting are very efficient methods. Stay with us and find out how to perform these treatments. Is beer a healthy and useful? …show more content…

Let's start from the kidney for example. With the help of this amazing liquid will reduce the risk of kidney stones by 40 percent. And it will provide say one bottle a …show more content…

Pour it on his head over the sink and wait a few minutes. Then follows toweling and combing. Twisting hair beer is the healthiest option. Most shampoos, gels, and masks contain a large amount of alcohol, which dries out the scalp. With him this is not the case, so feel free to use beer for hair this way. Make a shampoo of beer Boil one cup of beer over medium heat, about 15 minutes, until the volume is reduced by half. Measure then a cup of shampoo and pour it into a bowl. Remove the beer from the heat and cool for 10 minutes, then add it to the bowl. With the help of a funnel pour the liquid in a plastic bottle with a lid. And that's it, you have made your home a shampoo of beer. If you hate to do this, you can buy the finished product. In supermarkets, you can find a range of products based on this beverage. The world today has become a trend that big brewers collaborate with renowned cosmetic houses with the aim of producing unique shampoo. Beer, for example, straight hair is also good, because it gives the airy effect. Succeeding raise the hair so that it will operate hairstyle richer and fresher. The use of face and skin while

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