The Basis of the United States Government

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The Basis of the United States Government The United States government was formed based on one thing—the science of man. Many different psychological and political theories are founded on the basis that there is an actual science of human beings. The ideas and theories of Hobbes, Locke, Roseau, and Montesque all contributed to the formation and compellation of our governmental structure, among others. In fact, they all agreed on one principle; man in a pure state of nature can be analyzed and theorized. The conclusions of all were vastly different, some even directly contradicting. But regardless of the opposition in belief, the result of their collective writings was the government we now live under today. Thomas Hobbes derived his theories by concluding that man in and of itself was evil. In addition, he felt that if left without a government authority, life would be "nasty, brutish, and short". In a direct result of the evilness of man comes the theory that self-preservation is the most imperative component of life. At all costs, one must uphold this right and do whatever is necessary to preserve it. Because every man in a state of nature can be based on one theory, it creates a state of equal mentality. If one man basis life around self-preservation, so will the next. With a society being in this perpetual condition, it creates a state of war. One man against all others—all equal in ability regardless of size or intelligence due to circumstances and willpower that can always level the playing field. The state of nature will result in a state of war. Besides being nasty, brutish, and short, he also describes the state of war as being solitary and constantly threatening. Although this condition... ... middle of paper ... ...ld be structured. However, if the idea that the existence of a science of man can be questioned or is false—where does that leave the theories that were constructed upon it. Without the "science of man", all the theories who use it has their basis are in turn questioned and can't be viably supported or be deemed valid reasons for constructing the very government we live by. Perhaps 'man' as a whole really can't be concluded into a theory. Maybe the individualism of humans is simply too unique to derive a only one conclusion. If so, is our government standing on a false foundation? Our country is young; our Democracy is still a world's child. "Why government?" is only answered based on the validity of "the science of man". Without that assumption we could never propose such a conclusion. Bibliography: Readings by John Locke & Thomas Hobbes
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