The Aziz Ansari Story Analysis

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More than undoubtedly compelling, Anna North’s skillfully written feminist piece, “The Aziz Ansari story is ordinary. That’s why we have to talk about it” is both an obeisant account of Grace’s encounter and a critical addition to the ongoing conversation surrounding modern sexual culture. In skillfully juxtaposing details of the #MeToo movement, Grace’s ordeal and its ensuing media backlash, North effectively and deliberately highlights the misogynistic sexual atmosphere present within mainstream 21st century Western society. By revealing Grace’s experience to be far from unique, while also showcasing how commonly these experiences are invalidated in mainstream media, North exposes two particularly chilling aspects of modern North American …show more content…

North’s prudent use of excerpts from Caitlin Flanagan’s response to Grace’s experience – a collection of abrasively dismissive disparagements featured in (what could be argued to be) one of the most well-known magazines on the continent – serves to not only emphasize the lack of respect that women receive in the media, but also to illustrate how a victimized woman seeking justice is seen as less important than how that justice might affect a man. In highlighting this social sexism, Anna North ultimately reveals the state of relative powerlessness that Western women currently exist within; it is both common and expected for these women to not only have their discomfort ignored in favour of a male’s desires but to be socially attacked should she choose to report these kind of wrongdoings. More than disheartening, this societal inequity shows misogyny to be perhaps less apparent than in previous eras, but unfortunately still alive and well in 2018. Anna North’s deliberate inclusion and acknowledgement of the narrative surrounding Flanagan’s rebuttal ultimately reveal the prioritization of male prosperity over female safety within the Western world of 2018; in this society, a woman is free to anything (but only anything that doesn’t come at the expense of a

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