The Attacks at Hang Tuah High School in Indonesia

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It happened on Oct 31, 2013 when a young man named Anggara Putra Trisula (21 yo) came to "Hang Tuah 2 (HT2) High School" where his girlfriend studied (located at Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia).

Like most schools in Indonesia, HT2 also has some rules. One of those rules is not allowing any visitors (incl students’ parents) to enter the building without asking permission to school administration office. Since Anggara was a visitor, the security officer asked him to go first to the teacher office before seeing his gf. Anggara refused and it made the security officer didn’t allow him entering the building. Lots of students saw that their argument from distance. Except Aji. He saw the argument and came near them to help the security officer by confirming the rule to Anggara. Anggara became more upset and then went back to his car.

At the beginning he drove his car forward slowly, but suddenly he reversed turned around his car very fast and hit more than 10 students. Ignoring his brutalism, he drove again his car forward (also with a very high speed and hit an administration school officer and six students. The officer “only” got 2 broke bones in his left leg. But one of the students (1st grade student), got the worst injuries. She (named Alif Kurnia Safitri , 15 yo) was run over by the car. Car left tires deliberately rolled over her body! Her right hand and foot fingers, coccyx and vagina bones were broken. She needed emergency surgeries to avoid permanent damages. During victims were hospitalized, Anggara and his family never visited nor apologized.


Since Anggara was a general policeman’s son, police response was very slow. His name and car plate license number has been identified (from CCTV camera) from the D1. But nothing happened until D+3. Police office was push by media to take quick action to him. According Sidoarjo policeman head, the reason why they didn’t act in the D1 was because they gave Anggara some time to recover from his stress. And since he just did A SMALL MISTAKE, and iIt was A LIGHT CRIME , the policeman head also thought it was okay to give him some space. He also felt very sorry for him!!!

When -- finally after media blown up this news-- Anggara came the police office on the D+4, he brought some people as his supporter team, i.

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