The Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday

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When the term “X-Men”, comes to my mind, I immediately deem of an individuals with their own unique abilities, lovable characters, their characteristics features, qualities, traits, aspects with cool special costumes. I’m sure of it, everyone gets the impression of the X-Men same way as I does. The X-Men are superheroes with the powers, fighting bad guys and making the world peaceful and standing up for what is right and fair. Am I correct? However, as I grew older, my conscience begin to comprehend that X-Men were more than the superheroes. They were born with an unique “gifts” that granted them superhuman strengths that makes them totally different from the rest of the normal people. We call them the “Mutant”. What is a Mutant? According to the “normal human” perspective, mutants are born with the disease that caused them to expose an extraordinary superhuman powers that makes them different. Being extraordinary and different somehow grabs normal people’s attentions. The fact that mutants don’t meet the normal human standards, people treated them differently. They’ve became a central debate. People categorize mutants in particular social stratum. People feared their powers, they doubted that mutants will cause problems, agitations, destructions, and they will enslave the majorities. According to the mutants perspective, they defined their disease as “greater gifts” and they considered themselves as normal human beings like the rest of us. They want to utilize their powers for greater good as they seek for the accustomed peaceful living standards. According to the comic book, “The Astonishing X-Men”, by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday, the authors explains and illustrate the characters that include the nature of humans and mutants...

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...from those old time period. Technology is ahead of us nowadays. We have on screen video chat, social networks, robotic technology, we can reach Mars and settle. Despite all that, we are still in same situation like the last 50 years ago but slight changes. We are starting to accept people with different skin color and ethnic background. But that’s not saying that everyone’s equal or united. The beginning of the word “freedom” only contains black and white color. As we progresses and now we are adding other colors to it. But we still haven’t finish painting it.
Unfortunately, I cannot relate to X-Men or their appearances. However, I admire the idea of combining the concept of the element of race, social, ethnicity, political, ideology, and mutants with the powers, put them in a one blender now you have a shake of the true morality of the human nature and standards.

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