The Anxiety Of Grief And Grief

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The Fear of Grieving
Analyzing the five stages of grief is something most people do not want to do. I say this because I am most people. I try to avoid talking about death and or grief as much as possible, I remember even as a child I feared death and becoming mature. However being in a position that challenged me to face the personal fear of death, grief and actually analyzing the five stages of grief in some ways started to intrigue me. By analyzing stages of how we view death, spiritual, and the growth of awareness. Acceptance of this growth can guide us in being able to possibly find out why we are here in this world also known as life.
Stages of grief can lead to learning a lot about yourself and your spiritual self, therefore knowing how we view fear. Fear of death is rather common, especially if you are staring right at it. However finding spiritual oneness with yourself and God can bring awareness that is destined to chase away the fear to nothingness. Developing understanding, sense of value and having a sense of significance can help one realize it is best to enjoy life and embrace you’re spiritually. “They have no evolved spiritual problem. If they have any spiritual sense, they are in touch throughout the living world with their soul (Kramer, 2004). How we view death can be an awakening experience, even when feeling or dealing with the fear of death. We all know we will die, no matter what, but how we deal with and view death can offer a sense of significance and importance. Another stage is spiritual. According to (Kramer, 2004), “you cannot die alone”. Spiritually people long forever, we have natural something that knows there is a whole other world to this world than meets the eye. It instigates our ...

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...tempt to abstain from discussing demise as well as sadness, however much as could reasonably be expected, however being in a position that tested me to confront the individual trepidation of death and sorrow and really dissecting the five phases of misery in some routes, By breaking down phases of how we see passing, profound, and the development of mindfulness. Acknowledgment of this development can manage us in having the capacity to conceivably discover why we are here in this world otherwise called life.

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