The American Diet

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The state of the American Health in the U.S has become an increasing concern of many Americans. An article entitled “11 Facts about American Eating Habits,” addresses the state of food in the U.S by stating, “Healthiness of the food we eat decreases by 1.7 percent for every hour that passes in the day.” Experts and scientists in the U.S has raised questions about regarding the different ways food is now being produced. While individuals are usually not aware of the ingredients that food contains, many people continue to have unhealthy eating habits. In the past few decades, food production has included numerous artificial ingredients that are said to be the cause of various health problems. Various artificial ingredients that are commonly placed in the American diet include hormones and steroids. Major problems faced by the modern food industry includes food contamination, hormonal imbalance and obesity. Although there are many negative aspects of the American Diet, there are ways to reduce the problems that occur within the diet.
A lot of people are unaware of the ingredients that food contains and resulting from that, there are various problems that occur within Americans. With all the processed foods that tie in with the American diet, fast foods and preservatives seem to be very popular. According to author Christine Buck, it has been stated that processed foods are composed of salt, fat and sugar, which causes the human body to be more addictive towards the substance (KPLR11). The salt, fat and sugar all play a different role when it comes to the production of food. While the salt makes the sugar taste sweeter, the fat is the one that provides twice the flavor of sugar and gives the food more taste. Companies are aware of th...

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...t typically aware of the minor changes that could have a great impact upon one’s health, and without proper knowledge of how certain foods can alter the brain and body, one’s choices could have either a negative or positive impact.

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