The Accuracy of the Animated Film "Ice Age"

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A critique of "ICE AGE"

In the 20th Century Fox production, ICE AGE, we are introduced to a variety of prehistoric animals trying to avoid the coming ice age by moving to warmer climates. This is a classic buddy story revolving around non-fiction animals of the ice age period. This rag tag group consists of a woolly mammoth, sabre tooth cat, a sloth and a sabre tooth squirrel. They join forces to reunite a human baby with his tribe. Of course, the sabre tooth squirrel isn't so much of the group as entertainment. Beyond, the main plot, ICE AGE, gives a glimpse into the animals and terrain that existed at this time. Certainly, some artistic license was taken with the personality instilled in these characters such as the ability to speak. However, the geographical make up and the sabre tooth cat and the traits specific to this animal are depictions worth noting for their accuracy.

First, the period depicted in this tale takes place about 20,000 years ago. A time when dinosaurs no longer roamed the earth but megafauna, large vertebrates, was abundant. Vertebrates in this group inc...
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