The Abolitionist Movement

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On January 1, 1863, President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. This document eradicated the over 200-year institution of slavery by making it illegal in the rebellious states during the civil war. Although many people give Lincoln credit for freeing the slaves, the truth is, slavery would have been prolonged in the Unites States (U.S) if the abolitionists did not pressure southerners and argue for the abolishment of slavery in the U.S. When examining a closer look into the abolition movement, the movement gained the most support from citizens when a slave rebellion took place. Usually, the harsh outcome of slave rebellions gave abolitionists a greater reason to fight for the abolishment of slavery, but any form of rebellion became …show more content…

Garrison expressed his sympathy for slaves and quickly urged the public to abolish slavery so uprisings, like Nat Turner, will not occur again. He says, “The blood of millions of her sons cries aloud for redress! IMMEDIATE EMANCIPATION can alone save her from the vengeance of Heaven, and cancel the debt of ages!” Six months before the rebellion, Garrison wrote am article called To the public, which loudly expressed the need to abolish slavery because it was a sin and morally wrong. Garrison says, “I am in earnest—I will not equivocate—I will not excuse—I will not retreat a single inch—AND I WILL BE HEARD” and included a poem. In the poem he took an oath to never stop fighting to abolish slavery. He says, “I swear, while life-blood warms my throbbing veins, Still to oppose and thwart, with heart and hand, Thy brutalising sway-till Afric’s chains”. Turner’s rebellion took place and Garrison’s article gained more support to abolish slavery. In 1932, Garrison helped organized the American Anti-Slavery Society. Although Nat Turner’s rebellion was not successful, his rebellion caused a series of laws that made it harder for any black person in Virginia, which led abolitionist to have a deeper involvement in the abolition

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