The 40 Year Anniversary of Woodstock

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In the summer of 1969, a music festival called, “Woodstock”, took place for three straight days in Upstate, New York, with thirty-two musical acts playing, and 500,000 people from around the world coming to join this musical, peaceful movement. Woodstock started out being a small concert, created to locally promote peace in the world, by the power of music and its lyrics. Now, Woodstock is still being celebrated over 40 years later. The chaotic political climate that the ‘baby boomers’ were growing up in is most likely the reason for this event becoming of such an importance to the world. The violence of the Vietnam War, protests at Kent State and the Democratic Convention, and the assassinations contributed to an ‘out of control’ world. The fact that so many people came to Woodstock and were able to latch onto the ideals of peace, love, and community became a wonderful, joyous symbol to this generation. This three day music festival represented the ideal for baby boomers during a chaotic political time.

Woodstock was created by four young men for the purpose to raise money for a recording studio, but because of the time, politically, it turned into something so much bigger.1 Woodstock was originally supposed to host only fifty-thousand patrons at a small industrial park in Wallkill, New York. However, this quaint fifty-thousand turned into an astonishing five-hundred-thousand people in Bethel, New York.2 The four men, Mike Lang, Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfeld, and John Roberts, had printed out tickets for this event and anticipated selling them for seven dollars for one night, thirteen dollars for two days, and eigtheen dollars for all three nights.3 They decided, when word had gotten out there was a sudden increase in pros...

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...ration. The fact that it was captured on a movie was also representative of a new generation where media was becoming part of real life. Woodstock was not only a symbol of peace for the people of that decade, but a symbol of everything that epitomized the time period of the 60’s.

Woodstock became a symbol for a whole generation by the coming together of the political environment, the pop culture, and the current events of the time. The ‘baby boomers’ were searching for ways to separate themselves from their parents’ generation and see themselves as a more loving, compassionate, tolerant group of people. Woodstock came at a time of the youths desperation for authority and gave them beliefs they could live with. They wanted to revolt against the political chaos that they had been enduring during this memorable decade, and Woodstock was a symbol of this for the youth.
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