Texting And Driving Research Paper

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Theme: Technology And Education
Topic: Texting and Driving
Title: End distracted driving now: A look inside the devastating behaviors of younger generations all around the globe. Spread awareness to stop risky behaviors of texting and driving.
Intended audience: The intended audience is young teens from the ages of 17 to adults of ages up to 25. This assignment will provide enough amount of knowledge to the teens and adults who usually text and drive.
Writer background: The authors don’t have a background but they are experts in the field of communication, which covers texting. One of the authors is a doctoral student, another is an assistant professor, and the third one is a professor.
Writer’s angle: The authors proves that texting and driving has same outcome as drunk driving or taking illegal narcotics. However, others may argue that texting itself does not have the same effect on one’s body and physical and mental abilities that alcohol and other substances do. Part 1: The one-sentence summary
According to the findings of Pascual Ferra, Liu, and Beatty, texting has the same effects on one’s driving performance as alcohol and drug use.

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This study also states and high amount of accidents and deaths caused by texting and driving. The authors conducted an experiment of eighty research articles about the effects of texting, and alcohol intake use on one’s driving performance. With careful analysis, it was found that texting had very similar effects on driving as alcohol intake and more much worse level than driving under marijuana use. The findings indicates that texting and driving is a risk to pedestrians and even to passengers which could be our loved

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