Testing and the Problem with Exams

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The Problem with Exams

June first--the last exam is today. There has been one exam every day since Monday, which seems as if it was an eternity ago. Every class at school requires homework, quizzes, tests, and finally, a final exam. We take exams to prove ourselves--to prove we have advanced our education during the past nine months. In one and a half to two and a half hours, nine months of homework, quizzes and tests must be summed up. How are the nine months summed up? Usually by a series of written questions that were probably compiled from the homework, quizzes, and tests we have already completed. There are better ways of proving knowledge.

First of all, no one looks forward to the week of exams. Some people look forward to noon on Friday, but not to the previous four days. Even the week before is dreaded. Stress has hit an eleven on the one-to-ten scale during the last few weeks. Stress is not healthy, and it makes everyone angry. The last thing I remember when I go back to school is exams. Is the school trying aversion therapy on its students? Of course no...

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