Terraform Mars Project: Terraforming Mars Project

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Terraforming Mars Project
Terraform Mars is a difficult task that us as humans are trying to accomplish to fulfill the entirety of our speeches . There is a number of ways to achieve this task , but there are many questions that we do not have answers for. This paper will present my idea for how we could terraform Mars to successfully elongate the human speeches . According to Thefreedictionary. com terraforming is defined as transforming another planet into one having the same characteristics of landscape as earth. The terraforming process could take anywhere from 100 years to 20,000 thousand years to complete entirely, due to the tedious process of making Mars suitable for human life. I believe that it will take nearly 1,000 years to complete entirely my process of terraforming mars.
What makes it so difficult to get to Mars is one the launch window time, which mean when Earth and Mars are nearest to each other. The time that we know of so far for the next launch windows is 2013 November -2014 January,2016 January- April , and 2018 April -May,2020 July - September according to wikipedia. This is why it is so difficult to get to Mars, there are only certain times that you can launch and it be such a short flight. This is one of the many reason that I believe that it will take 1,000 years to terraform Mars.
As we arrive to Mars there are some resources already there, such as water and atmospheric 02. But the difficult part about these resources is that we have to transform them in a certain way so it can be used for humans. We would have to extract the water from the rich soil using a tool, therefore this would be our water source. We would also have to bring some sort of greenhouse so we could grow plants and give off mor...

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... Viking 2 was also a orbiter and a lander that reached Mars August 1976, both were very successful and sent back many of images.The Pathfinder orbiter reached Mars July 1997 and lasted for total of 3 months, its major discoveries were measuring the atmosphere of Mars.The Sojourner was the brother of the Pathfinder but it was a rover. It reached Mars July 1997 , and had many discoveries of investigating of Mars soil and rocks. The Spirit lander landed on Mars in January 2004 using its air bag system. It was the longest successful rover as of yet lasting about 6 years . Opportunity rover is the sister to Spirit, which landed January 2004 and lasted for around 4 years, its main mission was to explore the Martian environment. Phoenix reached Mars on May 2008 near the north pole, and analyzed the soil receiving images and data, and with the major discovery of water ice.
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