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Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most known authors well after his time. He has had a life field with death and sadness, but yet he still continued to write and is now one of the greatest writers of his time and is still studied by teens and English teachers today.

Edgar Allan Poe was a very interesting person he continued to write throughout the years even though he had hard times and good times and he left his legacy of all kinds of poems and short stories to remember him by so as I’ve studied and read I will let you read this interesting’s man’s life.

Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts. He had a single mother after his father disappeared shortly after he was born. His mother was an actress and soon remarried she died at a young age and the children were sent to three different foster homes. Edgar moved in with john Allan and Frances she was childless so Edgar got a lot of attrition from her and tensions began to rise when Edgar discovered his forester father was unfaithful to his foster mother and lead to other problems in their relationship. ("edgar allan poe", 2013)

in (1815-20) Poe was taken to Scotland England he reserved a classical education that was continued in richman .in 1826 for 11months (one semester) he went to the university of Virginia due to his foster father`s disapproval of him being a writer he and Edgar not handling it so well his father refused to pay his funds Edgar was forested to leave. And due to poverty he was forested to go to the military academy with the help of his foster father of cores when he returned to find his sweet heart Sarah engaged to another man. ("edgar allan poe", 2013)

For many years Edgar just stayed depressed and drunk he was also kno...

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... the raven is still studied by teachers and people to this day he is and will always be known as a great American author . He is looked up to as an inspiration of everyone’s dark side in their stories and he is also he has inspired and been inspired. And he has been through bad and good soon after his wife past away he got engaged to Elmira rayster a child hood sweet heart. ("edgar allan poe", 2013)

In 1846 he moved to Fordham cottage (now a museum). On his was, north to bring mrs.clemm to the wedding he became involved in a drinking debouch in Baltimore. This indulgence proved fatal and he died a few days later on October 7, 1849, Baltimore, Maryland. This ended a really amazing man’s life and yet he is still one of the most known writers to this day. We learn about him in the class room and will still be for generations to come. ("edgar allan poe", 2013)

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