Tennessee Williams and His Message in "The Glass Menagerie"

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The Glass Menagerie is an eposidic play written by Tennesse Williams reflecting the economic status and desperation of the American people in the 30s.He portrays three different characters going through these hardships of the real world,and choosing different ways to escape it.Amanada,the mother,escapes to the memories of the youth;Tom watches the movies to provide him with the adventure he lacks in his life;and laura runs to her glass menagerie. In the first scene,Tennessee gives a physical desciption of the setting.It is the Wingfields appartement,hive like,cellular,automatism,all these adjectives mirror the pressure under which all these characters live in. The flat,burning with human desparation,is entered through a metal and ugly fire escape.this is the setting in which the main three characters live and stive to escape their real life. Amanda a loving and caring mother devoted her life for her childern .she is abondaned by her husband,the only one she loved deeply.She struggles to secure her children`s lives and when she is overwhelmed by despair she resorts to her memories.
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