The Glass Menagerie Analysis

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Did you know that most of the plays written and performed in twentieth century America where based off of what was happening in the world at that time? The Great Depression, new inventions, and The Great War influenced the ideas of plays. The twentieth century American history takes a role in the ways of life in The Glass Menagerie which is set after the Great Depression in the late 1930’s. Life in America during 1929 through the early 1940s was difficult. On October 29 1929 the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began. The Great Depression was known to be “the worst economic collapse in the history of the world” and began in the United States. More than fifteen million Americans became unemployed, which is one fourth of the working people. President Hoover underestimated the Depression and called it “a passing incident in our national lives” and told the Americans it would be over in sixty days. “An empty pocket turned inside out was called a ‘Hoover Flag.’” When Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president, he worked quickly to get rid of the Depression by passing the Emergency Banking Relief Act. Afterword, jobs for women and children grew, and people made habits of careful spending and saving. In 1930, fifty percent of blacks were unemployed. Their jobs had been taken away from them and given to whites. Eleanor Roosevelt set up the New Deal Programs and prohibited discrimination to solve the problem (“Great Depression”). Many women created what seems now like everyday things. New inventions had made lives easier in the twentieth century. The windshield wiper was invented by Mary Anderson. When she was traveling there was a blizzard and the trolley car driver repeatedly had to stop to wipe off the glas... ... middle of paper ... ... to symbolize her yearning for both ideal or mystical beauty and spiritual or romantic love” (Cardullo 161). Also “Laura thinks that ‘blue is wrong for roses’, but Jim insists that it’s right for her because she is pretty ‘in a very different way from anyone else…other people are… one hundred times one thousand. You’re one times one!...They’re common as –weeds, but—you—well, you’re—Blue roses!’ (105)” (Cardullo 162). The Glass Menagerie was set in a St. Louis apartment after the Great Depression. The Wingfields had old records and a typewriter to show connections between the play and the time period. The way of life influenced playwrights to write about real life subjects. Tennessee Williams was trying to communicate to everybody that everybody is unique in their own way, that’s what makes them beautiful on the inside. It is what is on the inside that counts.

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