Television: The Negative Effects Of Television And Its Effects

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The effect of television is known to direct children in a negative way, such as brain development, behaviour, and their health. When someone thinks of television, they think of it as a good thing. Well that is not the case; there are not only positive aspects of watching television, but also many negative ones. But some examples of negative effects of television would be exposing children to things like drugs, alcohol, and violence that parents do not want their kids involved in at any point in their life. However, parents and guardians do not want their children to be influenced by these things, as they are very harmful and dangerous, and can cause serious concerns of their child’s development. Television is usually put on as a distraction,…show more content…
When children watch plenty of television they have a tendency to pick up certain attitudes and language that is portrayed by other children or teenagers in the program. Firstly, children are influenced by the things people do on television, which promotes them to talk back to elderly people in a disrespectful manner and not listen to them. Secondly, children are influenced by the way other people are dressed in TV, which usually is more revealing of the skin. Television is a known to promote children to wearing in appropriate clothing because it is demonstrated as being “cool”. For example, a lot of teenagers whom look back and reflect on how the Disney channel has changed from the era that they watched in has taken a turn in a wrong direction and has become a bad influence on children. One of the worst things that television promotes to children is by showing a lot of skin because that is how you become popular. However, the programs displayed on this channel also show children it is okay for them to make fun of other people. Some older siblings say that ‘kids are being destroyed by the Disney channel.’ Kids programs can also be very inappropriate in terms of language and content that is shown. Lastly, violence is the biggest cause for children due to television. “Extensive research evidence indicates that media violence…show more content…
Although, younger people whom watch sports channels with an adult or a parent notice the advertisements of alcohol that are displayed during intermission, which makes kids interested in wanting to consume the product due to the ad. Alcohol consumption by a parent demonstrates to the younger generation as a happy drink or successful person’s drink. However, alcohol is never previewed in a negative aspect, but alcohol damages young people’s brain development. On certain channels celebrities smoke and demonstrate it as though it is a very calming, yet a non-harmful substance going into the body. “Kids who watch more TV start smoking at an earlier stage” (Boyse, 2010). Smoking influences kids at an earlier stage in their life as they are viewing channels where teens are experiencing a cigarette for the first time. In addition, television leads to some serious weight concerns, causing children to become overweight and others obesity. This is caused because there is no physical activity while watching television. Television advertisements are help children gain weight due to cravings that occur. Either kids watch advertisements and get a craving fast food or a sugary beverage, whereas others become greedy and demanding for the toys displayed. Therefore, television is the main cause for sleeping problems and vision

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