The Negative Effects of Television in American Homes

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604 words

Throughout the years, television has altered the lives of many American families in a number of ways. When television was first invented, it brought entertainment and togetherness into the homes of many Americans. However, during the course of years, television has caused turmoil in many American homes. Television has led to families being disconnected from one another and has caused a lack in family unity and tradition. It is crucial to ensure that a family maintains their togetherness and interaction with one another. However, many American families are so consumed into the depths of the unparallel force of the television universe that they have become unconscious and blind sighted by the harmful effects that television has caused them.
In Marie Winn's article, Television: The Plug-In Drug, Winn brings forth the destruction that television causes a family’s lifestyle. The “rituals” families normally partake in are becoming less concurrent, sometimes even extinct. Winn mentions, “By its domination of the time families spend together, it destroys the special quality that distinguish...

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that television has altered the lives of many american families in a number of ways.
  • Analyzes marie winn's article, television: the plug-in drug, which argues that television destroys the special quality that distinguishes a family from another.
  • Opines that television has an extreme force on the lives of many. many families don't even know what is taking place in their lives because they give television first priority and put family dialogue in the back seat.
  • Argues that television has positively impacted their lives because it has given their children insight on a variety of subjects. children can learn their alphabet by watching television programs like sesame street and blues clues.
  • Argues that we should not rely on television programs to teach our children their alphabets, but instead, take the initiation and teach them how to interact in conversation and dialogue.
  • Opines that television is the most common drug in today's society. they believe that restraining television hours and contributing in discussions with their family will allow them to develop and be integrated as a family.
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