Television, Social, And Social Media

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It takes much more than just the emotional and arousing appeals when creating an advertisement that will be easily recalled by it’s viewers. If an advertisement is going to effectively reach its target audience several logical aspects must come into play. Some of these strategies are when to play the ads, what channel to play them on, and which medium to use whether its television, social media, or even just releasing it on the company’s internet website. Douglas P. Dotterweich, a professor at the Department of Economics, Finance, and Urban Studies at East Tennessee State University states that “by far, the most expensive of all examined shows is the Super Bowl, reaching only 22,100 households per dollar spent” ( Dotterweich 28). Due to the expensive pricing of these commercials, Greg Filbeck supports Dotterweich’s idea by stating that “the market responds most favorably to the advertisements appearing on the last episodes of major sitcoms and the recurring Academy Awards”, another one of these examples being the Super Bowl (Filbeck 255). These authors have similar ideas when discussing the prices of advertisements and why they would be priced higher because of the time slot that they are going to be running at. Dotterweich reinforces this idea by stating that “while the Super Bowl audience is in excess of 800 million and reaches 201 countries, a 30-second spot during the game can command over $2 million” (Dotterweich 20). Although this is a high price to pay for a a 30 second exhibition of a product it is usually worth the high price because of the amount of people who are tuning in and not to mention the attention that will be placed on the commercials even after the famous game is over. Even though the authors all agree about t... ... middle of paper ... ...attention for years to come. It is important for consumers to be aware of all of this research because companies are influencing them without them even realizing what is happening. It is also extremely interesting to find out how these advertisements are created with such tact and care that they are almost guaranteed to achieve their goal and somehow make an impact on individuals. My thesis gives a different perspective in the sense that is make the psychological and the business views come together as one because they are both ultimately needed to make the ad as effective as possible. This culmination of sources that gathered either focus on the business side or the psychological side but never once does one discredit the other which further proves my point that they are both necessary in creating an effective and enjoyable advertisement for a specific audience.
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