Tecumseh: Great Leader of the Great Plains Indians

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Tecumseh: Great Leader of the Great Plains Indians

A. Introduction

B. Early life

1. Birth and influences

2. American Events

C. Plan For an Indian Confederation

D. Forming the Confederation

1. Religious Support

2. Campaigning throughout the frontier

3. Treaty of Fort Wayne

E. Battle of Tippecanoe

F. Weakening of the Confederation

G. Looking for British support

H. War of 1812

1. Allying with the British

2. Asisiting the British war effort

3. Campaigning with the Upper Creeks

4. Retreating from the front and Tecumseh’s death

I. Conclusion

Throughout the comparatively recent history of the United States, there have been many obstacles that the relatively young nation has had to overcome. Even before the nation had obtained its independence from Britain, there were conflicts with the Natives of the new land. Then wars were fought for other countries benefit, on their own soil. Then, of course, there was the Revolutionary War, fought in the late 1770’s, in which British colonists rose up against their British fathers in order to gain economic, religious and political freedom. After the acquirement of their independence as a nation, there were still many conflicts that the fledgling country had to worry about. The continent of North America was still controlled by other European superpowers, not to mention the multitudes of Native Indians that populated the lands west of the Appalachians. In order to combat other world powers as well as increase their own wealth, trade, and influence, the Americans adopted an attitude of ‘Manifest Destiny’, in which westward expansion was priority and their right. This however, led to more troubles and conflicts with the Natives of the land. The Indians west of the Appalachian m...

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...had no chance of stopping the expanding nation. Tecumseh was the natives’ last chance at fully preserving the Indian culture, and if he would have succeeded, the scarcity of natives today may not have come into being.

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