Technology’s Positive and Helpful Effect on Education

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Contrary to popular belief, technology has and is helping with the improvement of education. Technology has had a huge impact on education systems, giving major educational benefits to elementary schools, high schools, and universities. As with all activities and technologies, there are positives and negatives. With the help of email, text messaging, electronic grading systems, electronic books, cell phones and many online resources at their fingertips, teachers and students are able to complete work and tasks easier and faster. It has also given parents direct access to their children’s grades, assignments and teachers’ notes through electronic media. The internet contains so much reliable and easily accessible information to help students in most situations. While not all information found on the internet is reliable, there are websites that are considered good sources. The general opinion by parents is that technology is not helping improve education and make learning easier. This is a debatable topic because smartphones, portable music devices, and the internet can distract students from doing their work. Although they can distract students, they can also provide a lot of useful services and utensils. Many students are able to overcome these distractions and use the devices to their advantages. For example, I use music to help me when doing my homework and for studying. It helps me focus more. Other people may do the same, or have their own methods.
With the help of technology, communication among students and teachers has become more simple and straight forward. Technology allows students with different learning modes to improve in learning. Some students learn more by visual aids, some are oratory, a...

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