Teaching Is The Future Of Our Generation

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At the start of this semester, Dr.Thompson asked the class if great teachers are born or made? A great teacher has many strengths and one of them is being a role model. To be a teacher not only do you need a credential, but you must be willing to accept the challenges that come with the profession.Teaching is more than a profession is the future of our generation, without motivated teachers our children will not get a proper education. Teaching is one of the careers that has been on the rise, it may not be a high paying career but you can make a difference. Teaching requires a lot of dedication and commitment to the career. Teaching can be both stressful and rewarding.
My views on teaching is that it requires certain skills such as challenging students, providing active learning, being organized, having good people skills, high expectations, and being flexible. I think that if teachers take the time to know the student they can have a better understanding of the student’s life. Any student no matter their background or social class, who is willing to learn should be granted a proper education. I believe that a teacher should be open to different ways of teaching, including seeing how each student learns. Learning is a complicated concept because everyone learns a certain ways. Some students are visual, physical, verbal, logical, social, and solitary learners. Each of these learning styles can be taught in various ways. A good teacher can be defined in many ways.
Everyone has a different opinion of what a great teacher is supposed to be. A great teacher is one who is culturally responsive. Some of the traits of a culturally responsive teacher are holding affirming views on diversity and using appropriate instructional str...

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...aching Credential Program. My goal is to one day, be able to teach biology to High School students. I want to make a difference in my students’ lives. I personally believe I will be a good teacher because there’s nothing else I could think of that I’d rather do than teach. My service learning placement motivated me more on becoming a teacher. While watching Ms. Avelino teach and working with the class, I realize that I wanted to do that everyday. Another reason why I be a great teacher is because I am a really determined person and I have high expectations for my students. I aspire to accomplish many things in my classroom, such as being a culturally responsive teacher, using proactive management, and most importantly creating a welcoming environment, that encourages students to learn. I’ll use students prior knowledge to build on classroom topics and discussions.
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