Talented Jazz Musician: Harry Connick, Jr

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Harry Connick, Jr.

Harry Connick, Jr., is an extremely talented jazz musician. He was born September 11, 1967. His parents, Harry Connick Sr. and Anita Livingston, are a big part of Connick’s life. They have contributed so much to his career and have helped to form him into the magnificent jazz musician he is today. It was apparent from a very young age that Connick would become a jazz musician. He had many early influences as a young boy. In his childhood he studied jazz piano under James Booker, a very talented jazz musician. Connick attended school at the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts and was taught by an also very talented jazz musician Ellis Marsalis, and he was later tutored by him as well. Harry Connick, Jr’s hometown may also have to do with his great success. He is from New Orleans, also known as the “Big Easy.” Many say that the reason why he displays such effortless charm while he is performing is because he is from the “Big Easy.” Connick’s music is not like many other jazz musicians. His music is a throwback to another era. Even with his repertoire of great sounds from the past, he is still considered a breath of fresh air by many. Two major elements that influenced Harry Connick, Jr., to be a jazz musician was his family and where and who Connick grew up with.

The first component that influenced Harry Connick, Jr., to become a jazz musician was his family. Connick’s father met his wife, Anita, while he was in the navy. They later moved from New York back to New Orleans. There they opened a record store. Connick’s parent’s shared love for music influenced him towards the music industry (Anderson 2). Music was sort of in Connick’s blood. His family nurtured all of his interes...

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... he grew up and the amazing people that lived there too. His family influenced him by always supporting him and his career. His father’s job helped Connick to become a better musician at a very young age by allowing him to play “The Star Spangled Banner.” His job also exposed Connick to different genres of music, since his father’s job got him into the smoky saloons. Living in New Orleans has also definitely helped and influenced Connick toward becoming a popular jazz musician himself. Because Connick lived in New Orleans he was exposed to lots of jazz musicians, which helped him to later become a better jazz musician. The people who lived in New Orleans, or the “Big Easy,” were always willing to help Connick, and he received many opportunities because he lived here. Connick has and still continues to tremendously impact the world of jazz musicians today.
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