Tabloids and Propaganda

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Tabloids and Propaganda Statement of Problem "Tabloids and Propaganda, Are all of the tabloids true, or are they false? Or do they have some truth to them?" These questions ponder the minds of the readers of these pieces of journalism when they read them. They often wonder if they are truthful for there are many lawsuits that seem to say that they aren't. I tend to wonder myself as well. I constantly see the Supermarket tabloids at newsstands or at supermarkets themselves and I tend to wonder whether or not they are real. The cover itself throws me off though. Most of the time I see a famous couple with a headline for example saying "Brad and Gwyneth are together again...behind Jennifer's back!" Sometimes the story itself seems to unreal to be true however people still buy the magazine. Most of the time just for entertainment. The people want an inside glimpse into a star's life and this is one of the closest ways to find out. Maybe with my research I'll be able to find out whether or not the tabloids are real or just plain fake. Need for Study I feel that my need to study this topic is because everyone seems to assume that all of tabloids are false. However I believe that maybe not 100% of the tabloids are false....maybe just 95%. Tabloids are believed to all be fraudulent pieces of work used to give more publicity to the magazine. People are known to listen and believe rumors, and that's what most of tabloids are believed to produce...rumors. My theory is that the people (reporters) who work to get the story for the magazine embellish on the facts that they get from their sources. Or it could be that the sources may be just trying to sell a made-up story so they could make a profit which only benefit th... ... middle of paper ... ...iewee: Generally, I just read them for entertainment however if I find a article that could be truthful then I might believe it. It all depends on the facts that are written also. Interviewer: Do you think that there are false stories printed in the magazines? Interviewee: Yes I do believe that there are false stories. They seem to unreal sometimes. Interviewer: What kind of stories do you generally find in tabloids? Do you find happy or sad stories or just stories that appear sad and end up happy anyway? Interviewee: It seems that the majority of the stories in tabloids are sad at the beginning however they always tend to turn happy towards the end. Like it could be "I was kidnaped by an alien but they eventually returned me back home with special powers!". Interviewer: Thank you for your answers and your cooperation. Interviewee: You're welcome..anytime.
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