Symbolism in "Everyday Use"

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Symbolism is a symbol of whatever the object or subject is about. Every little object can be used as a symbol of whatever. Like in math, for example shapes and numbers symbolize anything it can be. Also, the American flag, It has fifty stars, representing 50 states. Also, colors may be used as a symbol. Especially in the person, you can see their true color on how they are or act. Like red angry, blue sad, green happy, black dark, purple love, anything represents something. This is most likely your tone of mood. Also, signs outdoors have symbols. Like signs you see on the road, express way, ditches, restaurants, stores, etc. Most likely everywhere, you just got to pay more attention in what is outdoors and what’s around you.

In the short story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker it’s about a mother named Mama Johnson has two daughters who are not very much alike. Her older daughter Dee, is very outgoing, beautiful, but is one who doesn’t understand his heritage, and her younger daughter Maggie who is very shy and not outgoing, but really truly understands her heritage. They don’t really talk to each other, not since after their incident on what happened to their last house that burned down. Dee finally after who knows how many years comes back and visits her mother and Maggie just to ask for some of her old stuff they used to just show off her old culture from where she came from. Then she wants to take some quilts her grandmother made that her mother had promised Maggie when she would get married. Arguing starts with the mother and Dee, and the mother realizes Dee can’t get everything she wants, and decides to make a change and reject her request.

A manifold of characters and objects that describe symbolism in “Everyday Use” ...

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... in “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker have multiple ideas of symbolism to describe each one of them in what they symbolize.

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In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the symbolism of alice walker's "everyday use." the character of mama johnson is closed-minded and just too herself.
  • Explains that symbolism is a symbol of whatever the object or subject is about. in alice walker's "everyday use", the mother rejects dee and maggie.
  • Analyzes how dee is a beautiful, outgoing woman who is ashamed of her heritage. she's also the symbol of the black power movement.
  • Describes the themes, mitotics, and symbolism in alice walker’s ‘everyday use’.
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