Symbolism Of A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course Of Means?

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A Horse is a Horse, of Course of Course
Stop. Reflect upon a story, poem or even a play you have recently read or seen. If one were to break down the features within each, the probability of finding a person, animal or object containing a deeper meaning in the context of the entire story is extremely likely. For example: in the story A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell, the bird found within the box towards the conclusion provides symbolism of Minnie’s life; looking at Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, the poem written by Robert Frost, the woods symbolize the journey of life and the thought of death; and now looking at the play The Bear, written by Anton Chekhov, even Toby the horse has a deeper meaning within the story. Even though Toby, the horse, is only mentioned three times within the play, he still provides huge significance in relation to Nicolai Mihailovitch and Elena Popova and symbolizes the shifting emotions of Mrs. Popova. First, as the play begins, Mrs. Popova is mourning the loss of her husband Nicolai. Even though Nicolai was seen as “unfair to me, cruel, and….and even unfaithful” (Chekhov 2), Mrs. Popova continues to demonstrate to his ghost she is “true” and in love still. Shortly after this scene is when the audience first meets Toby. At this point, Toby reminds Mrs. Popova of a wonderful memory of her late
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In the play The Bear, by Anton Chekhov, Toby starts as a symbol to Mrs. Popova of her late husband and how she refuses to let go of the past. After falling in love with a different man, Mr. Smirnov, Toby is nothing other than a sad reminder of her past and how she needs to move on from it. As mentioned earlier, as a person is ready to move past the memory of a lost one, the object can then be replaced or
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