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Superbugs are created from antibiotic resistance when the bacteria that is being used to treat the problem becomes resisted to it causing another problem in itself. Antibiotics have become a major role in curing diseases in both humans and animals in this generation of medicine. Since the 1940s the invention of antibiotics One of the major problems that causing antibiotic resistance is misusing the medication and overuse of these antibiotics can cause harm to the body. Frequent use of household antibiotics such as hand sanitizer and antibiotic soap can also cause the creation of superbugs. Another very harmful way to use antibiotics is to use non prescribed antibiotics to heal something for a completely different problem. Using those pills will probably not solve the problem you're using them for and can actually cause more. While antibiotics are great and can be used to save lives, the human race has begun to take too much advantage of this and are starting to overuse them. For example, hand sanitizer in the workplace or school is a good idea because schools and offices are ...
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