Summeries of the Books of the New Testament

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The book of Matthew is of the gospel genre. The key themes and events include the book of Matthew tracing the lineage of Jesus to Abraham. It also describes Jesus’ birth, baptism and the miracles that Jesus performed. Mary and Joseph were visited by three wise men, bearing gifts to the King of the Jews. King Herod heard of this news, and ordered that all young children be killed. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph fled to escape the danger and later settled in Nazareth. This book also gives details on the ministry and message that Jesus gave to the people during his life. The gospel according to Matthew includes Jesus healing the sick and resurrecting the dead. This fulfilled the Old Testament prophesy. The book of Matthew also consists of Jesus’s trial and crucifixion which led to Jesus becoming or Savior from sin. The main Characters in this book are: Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Jon the Baptist, the twelve disciples, and Mary Magdalene.


The genre of this book is narrative. The book of Acts begins with Jesus urging His disciples to spread the Gospel worldwide. Jesus is then crucified and raised from the dead (resurrected). Judas commits suicide Judas which made the other eleven disciples elect Matthias as the new twelfth disciple. The disciples do the work of the Lord after His death by starting the early church. The speaking of tongues also represents itself in this book because the Holy Spirits presence. Jesus’ life is told by Peter who gives conformation that He is the Messiah that was spoken of in the Old Testament. There are miracles that have been performed by Peter and John. The Apostles were sent to prison and were released by an angel. This book also includes Paul and his missionary journeys which includes preachi...

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The book of Revelation is of an apocalyptic genre. The key themes of this book are that is greater than any power, the symbolism in the Jesus Christ dying for our salvation, keeping Christians encouraged to live faithful to the Lord, that there will be a judgment day which will put an end to evil, and by keeping faith in God will give you everlasting life. John is the author of this book. He is engulfed with prophetic visions of expressing the rights and wrongs of the church, emphasizing the need to repent before judgment day when Jesus comes back to Earth. Paul also explains what will exactly happen when judgment day arrives. This book also includes more of the vision that Paul had that revealed what life would be like after judgment day for the righteous and the wicked. The key characters in this book are Jesus, John and the seven Christian churches.
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