Summary: The NCAA Student Athletes Should Be Paid

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Imagine working for a billion dollar business working more than 40 hours a week to complete the job asked of you. Imagine that while having to do your duties for this job that you are also asked to be a full-time student and put under restrictions to be allowed to keep your status of employment for this same organization. That is the current plight of a NCAA student athlete. They are asked all of this from the NCAA all while not being allowed to enjoy any of the rewards brought in from their expertise in the sport they compete. There is no other organization that could get away with this kind of situation and the NCAA should not be the outlier. It’s time that the NCAA be forced to pay these college athletes and allow them to enjoy the rewards of the hard work they put in. The NCAA is a nonprofit organization that oversees college athletics. It is an organization that has seen its product explode into a multi-billion dollar business. The NCAA has seen some $20 billion dollars since 2007 and seen some football
Obviously, the big money sports such as college basketball and football are big revenue sports and paying those athletes might be an easy argument to make. Delving deeper into this topic brings up issues with the lesser interest sports at these same universities. How do you find revenue to pay these athletes? Is it fair to only concern yourself with the “big money” sports and not so much the other sports? I do not claim to have concrete answers to these issues, to be honest. I do not think it is fair to only take care of the sports and athletes that make up most of the money the NCAA brings in. I do feel that with the total amount of money that is out there if enough people get together that solutions can be worked out. I do feel that all of these athletes should be treated equally. If you pay the more popular athletes then you should pay the less popular athletes as

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  • Explains that an average football player devotes 43.3 hours a week to his sport, which leaves them without an education or any chance of making an income off their talents.
  • Compares the fair market value of an average college football player with the average amount of money a college athlete receives in scholarship money. ed o'bannon sued the ncaa and video game maker ea sports for violating the sherman act and antitrust laws.
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