Summary Of Where Mountain Lion Lay Down With Deer

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In today's time period we live in today more and more buildings are being developed and destroying the beautiful scenery that nature gives to us as a gift. In the poem “Where mountain lion lay down with deer “ by Leslie Marmon Silko is about a young girl describing the beautiful moments of her childhood. But she writes that in today's time period she does not see these beautiful scenery from nature because of all the new developments being constructed. Leslie Marmon’s “Where mountain lion lay down with deer” is a good work of literature because it uses imagery effectively, Relates to modern day conflicts and it makes the reader think. First Marmon’s “Where mountain lion lay down with deer” is a good story because it uses imagery effectively throughout the story , For example in the poem the narrator begins “I climb the black rock mountain”(line 1) the narrator makes the reader mentally visualize what's she saying making the poem more effective. Then later in the poem she writes “ watching winds reflection in …show more content…

Furthermore, the world we live in nature is being destroyed because of New developments,Animal extinction , And Global Warming. Leslie writes in the poem “The old ones who remember me are gone now the old songs are all forgotten”(15-16) . In this part of the poem she is writing about how nature feels abandoned by humanity. A modern day example is deforestation new developments meen destroying nature and destroying all of the animals who live there homes. In the future this could lead to Natural Extinction because of their food sources being destroyed. Another example is when she writes “the memory spilling out into the world”(27-29) , This example can be placed into what is today Global Warming. How one day humans saw a healthy planet but all of this is a memory now because of nature being destroyed like the glaciers in

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