Summary Of Tubmba By Mira Canion

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The story “Tumba,” by Mira Canion, is about a boy named Alex, who lives in Ciudad, Mexico. He is very nervous about the upcoming holiday, Dia de los Muertos because his Abuela speaks to spirits, which come out during Dia de los Muertos. The story follows him and his friend, David, as they explore the Day of the Dead traditions and even meet some of the ghosts his abuela talks to. Alex es inteligente y simpático. Le gusta arte. David es Alex’s amigo. Él es atlética y paciente. Le gustan deportes. Alex’s Abuela es reservada y misteriosa. Le gusta música. Alex’s hermana, Nora, es atrevida y sociable. Le gusta sus amigos. Sergio es cruel y agresivo, no le gusta Alex. The story starts out talking about how Alex is nervous for Day of the dead

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