Summary Of The Souls Of Black Folk By W. E. B. Dubois

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Can you imagine yourself in a world where race wasn’t an issue.In a perfect society we wouldn’t be judged by our skin color, but by our abilities to contribute something positive to society. In 1903 W.E.B Dubois discussed in his work called, “In the Souls of Black Folk”, two concepts, double consciousness and the veil, where he tries to explain the inner turmoil felt by blacks attempting to fit into white America. Double consciousness forces us to view ourselves from our own standpoints, but we also look at ourselves as to how we are seen by others, because we are constantly being judged by the color of our skin. It also implies that some white Americans don’t see African American as true Americans, specifically due to the color of their skin. The veil, our skin color may be different and will never change, but we have the ability to see things in ourselves, and our communities, but also how society sees it at the same time. Double consciousness forces blacks to not view themselves from their own unique ways but to view themselves …show more content…

You may be an American but you are also seen as a Black American. Your skin color does affect how you are treated and seen by some in society in a negative light. We are constantly facing problems and struggles when trying to achieve. I personally haven’t had to deal with much discrimination, but I remember my great grandmother telling me a story about how my great-grand father was in the Navy. He was an extremely smart man, but was only allowed to work in the coal room. He was told he wasn’t smart enough to handle the duties that were given to the white sailors. He but knew that he was smart enough to learn to do anything. He said it was up to him to have to learn how to live in a white man’s world as a black man so that he could provide for his

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