Summary Of The Poem Digging

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I feel intrigued by the poem Digging because of how relatable it is, daydreaming happens to all of us as well as breaking family tradition. When he says “Between my finger and my thumb The squat pen rests; snug as a gun.” I can see this directly talking about myself writing this paper. I chose this poem because I feel like sometimes in life people just need to sit back and reminisce on the past and that’s something I love to do; I love talking about old memories around close friends and family. I also think it is fine to break a family tradition as long as you are following your dreams. In this poem, the author uses a mix of enjamed and end-stopped line breaks. There are two major parts in this poem where line breaks and emotions are affected. The first one is between stanzas two and three. All of those lines, for the most part, are enjamed. My emotions are telling me that there must be a gap of time, that the author is deep into this day dream. There is a big enjambment of lines in stanza 3. I had to re-read that stanza multiple times to try and understand the meaning behind it. I ...

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