Summary Of Miseducation Of The Negro

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The Mis-Education Of The Negro Book Analysis
Carter G. Woodson was born shortly after the end of slavery. He was an educational expert and the 2nd African American to receive a PhD from Harvard University. He wrote the Miseducation of the Negro in 1933 to investigate how efficient the current education structure was for African Americans based upon his expertise in the education and history fields. The book was written during the Harlem Renaissance movement that represented the flowering of a distinctive African Americans expressions. He wrote this book to make the negroes realize that they too can do anything that a white man can do. He states that white people are the oppressor of the negroes. As teachers, they continued to expand on the …show more content…

His experiences with public school systems and the negro universities gave him the opportunity to witness how Negroes were educated and the result of it. He believed that the white teachers or the trained black teachers were the cause of this mis-education. According to Woodson “the thought of the inferiority of the Negro is drilled into him in almost every class he enters and in almost every book he studies.” (Woodson 2) Woodson is trying to convince the negroes that this kind of teaching is not beneficial to their lives. He illustrated his point by comparing what the negroes learned compared to what the whites learned. He used multiple examples of subjects that the negroes are being taught such as theology, business, journalism, and math. He did a great job on detailing how these courses are one thing for the whites’ schools and different thing for the negro schools. This comparison gave the negroes an understanding of why their communities are not progressing and why they are not getting occupations that they went to school …show more content…

He argued that “The ‘highly educated’ negroes have turned away from the people...and the gap between the masses and the ‘talented tenth’ is rapidly widening.” (Woodson 53) I find this claim to be exaggerating because white people do move out too after acquiring education and a middle class income. Most blacks move out because they are educated and they cannot be able to relate to the people there. Some of them move out because of security purpose. They cannot have nice homes and cars in the neighborhood where other people are starving. Therefore, blacks do not move out only because they want leave their people and assimilate middle class white

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