Summary Of Larry Levis Some Grass Along A Ditch Bank

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The concepts of self and reality are running themes in recent eras of poetry, and these themes are all too often associated with ideas of meaninglessness. In Larry Levis’s, “Some Grass Along a Ditch Bank” (1985), the writer brings in these different themes as the narrator contemplates grass around a farm and its relationship with the world around it. The poem is set in the farm setting that is so common in the works of Levis, and the ideas he explores about grass can easily be transferred to, or symbolic of, the ideas that the poet may have shared concerning relationships between people. Despite these connections and the deeper meaning of the poem, however, critics read this and other poems as having primarily nihilistic themes. This and other of his poems have been read as being, “bravely and madly about all-living-and-all-dying” (Halliday 92). Death and life are themes in Levis’s poem and do appear in this one, but nihilism requires that the artist also explores a general lack of meaning. Instead, reading this particular poem while considering its relation to the self and relationships, demonstrates that Levis’s focus is more on the general concept of the isolate, meaning that he writes about the lack of the individual’s ability to come to establish understanding between people, rather than a complete lack of meaning in life. …show more content…

Seeking for the self and identity, entangled with a search for reality, are themes beyond nihilism that are also common to postmodern poets and those who followed after. The descriptions reflect the way that people endlessly attempt to reach out and understand one another, but often fail. They have meaning for themselves, but this meaning is unattainable to the other person. Each individual is isolated in their own understanding and can only make meaning for

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