Student Debt Essay

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The liberal progressive media that currently seems to be dominating our national news networks we seem to be finding ourselves at pinnacle topic of discussion. That pinnacle point is that of Institutions of Higher learning and the rising cost of education. The cost of for attending these “institutions of higher learning be it a college or university do not come with a cheap price tag. The implication of attending has directly resulted in the rise of student debt that is acquired via the financial products called students loans. In order to understand the massive problem that we have we must first journey down the path in history of what is considered by many a dark and low time in this nation's history, the 2008 housing crisis. This Housing …show more content…

Millions of students have taken to the streets in order to protest student debt and college tuition. Is this the right move for students? Students are demanding more benefits such as fifteen dollar minimum wage for all college campus employees, relief from student debt, and the students demand that the 1% of the wealthiest people in the U.S. Students nationwide have chanted the name million student march in order raise awareness for their new campaign. Students although may think they have the right to claim these benefits by having others pay for it, they have yet to understand the crucial reason for why these specific social programs are not going to be accomplished and ultimately lead us into a more socialist center society. Student debt has grown at an exponential rate in the past decade, and bank loan rates increased as their debt grew. The recent desire from president Barack Obama has sparked a campaign for students to ask that college be free for everyone. The question remains however, how do we accomplish this goal free college and pay off our current student debt? Student participating in this million student march movement have provided the idea the top 1% of the wealthiest people pay for it. According to Neil Cavuto lead anchor on the FOX Business network “ The math doesn't add up even if we do combine their wealth it does not cover it”(Cavuto) During this interview Cavuto continues to argue with one of the

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