Structural Intervention Essay

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An intervention is an action or process of intervening. It is a set of sequenced and planned actions or events intended to help the organization increase its effectiveness. The purpose is to disrupt the status quo. They are deliberate attempts to change an organization or subunit toward a different and more effective state.
We have identified the following as a relevant interventions used in the company, EROAD LTD.
Techno-Structural Interventions
These interventions focus on an organization 's technologyand structure.These change methods are receiving increasing attention in OD, especially in light of current concerns about productivity and organizational effectiveness.
They include approaches to employee involvement, as well
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Downsizing. This intervention reduces costs and bureaucracy by decreasing the size of the organization through personnel layouts, organization redesign and outsourcing. Each of these downsizing methods must be planned with a clear understanding of the organizations strategy.
3. Reengineering. This recent intervention radically redesigns the organization 's core work processes to create tighter linkage and coordination among the different tasks. This work-flow integration results in faster, more responsive task performance. Reengineering is often accomplished with new information technology that permits employees to control and coordinate work processes more effectively. Reengineering often fails if it ignores basic principles and processes of OD.
4. Employee Involvement (EI). This broad category of interventions is aimed in improving employee well-being and organizational effectiveness. It generally attempts to move knowledge, power, information, and rewards downward in the
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They are implemented organization wide and bring about a fit between business strategy, structure, culture, and the larger environment. The interventions derive from the discipline of strategic management, organization, theory, open--systems theory, and cultural anthropology.
Major interventions for managing organization and environment relationships involve:
1. Integrated strategic change. This comprehensive OD intervention describes how planned change can make a value-added contribution to strategic management. It argues that business strategies and organizational systems must be changed together in response to external and internal disruptions. A strategic change plan helps members manage the transition between a current strategy and organization design and the desired future strategic orientation.
2. Trans-organization development. This intervention helps organizations enter into alliances, partnerships, and joint ventures to perform tasks or solve problems that are too complex for single organizations to resolve. It helps organizations recognize the need for partnerships and develop appropriate structures for implementing
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