Strengths And Weaknesses And Critique Of Policy

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Critique of Policy Just like everything in this world there are strengths and weaknesses to be examined. Strengths allow for an individual to realize the things that are done well and that will benefit themselves or others in the future. Weaknesses allow for an individual to find ways to improve and create something better. Realizing that there are strengths and weaknesses within us and within concepts is important in bettering these both aspects. Acts such as The College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 are no exception. This act, like many others have both strengths and weakness, because nothing can be perfect or satisfying for everyone. One of the strengths that I found in this act was that it not only benefits low and middle income students but also upper income students (Cussen, 2016). Depending on which side of the fence you stand on, this can be a good or a bad thing. I believe that the equality it shares among income is important because a student could come from an upper income family, but that does not mean that the money is theirs. I for example do not qualify for any type of grant or federal aid because of the amount of money my father makes. I do though receive loans, which my father is not going to pay off for me. The second strength…show more content…
Berger and Houle (2016) provide evidence to show that greater amounts of debt a parent has the poorer the socioemotional well-being of a child will be. These findings were specific to home mortgages and educational debt (Berger & Houle, 2016). Without acts like the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 that have plans like the Loan Forgiveness and the Income Based Repayment families would have the additional stress of paying back a high interest loan. The stress of the parent could be taken out on the children leading to poor socioemotional well-being as Berger and Houle (2016) previously
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