Strength In Temple Grandin

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Strength doesn’t come from what one can do . It comes from the things one overcomes. The dictionary definition of strength is “the quality or state of being strong”. Some synonyms for strength are “fortitude”, “mettle”, and “courage”. Some antonyms for strength is “weakness” and “devitalized”. It’s important because strength is what people need to overcome all the obstacles they face. A lot of people go through different things in their life but one thing they all have in common is strength. All human beings need strength, physically and mentally. A hypothetical example is if people are in a very hard situation and they try to get through it no matter what, they are showing strength. A non-hypothetical example is not trying to be strong in…show more content…
It shows strength because she spoke out for herself and was strong enough to do it. All her life she has been told that she will be no one in life but she does not accept it. “ I know there are a lot of things that I cannot understand but I still want my life to have meaning”. It connects because being told that consistently is very hard to hear. It shows strength because a lot of people remind her and her mother that she wouldn’t be anything in life but she doesn't care about other people’s…show more content…
“ I’d give up my life if we could just find Dallas safe.” The quote shows how eager she is to find her child and how strong she is. It shows strength because she is doing whatever she can to find him and is cooperating with the detectives. Dallas didn’t have many friends but one that he had was really worried for him and tried helping as much as possible. “Karen Coleman seemed genuinely worried about Dallas, and I believed that she wanted him found.” The quote shows the strength she was showing when she was cooperating. She showed strength because it’s hard to deal with a friend who has
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