Story Of An Hour Analysis Essay

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“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin shows a pessimistic aspect of marriage by showing the reader with a woman who is apparently happy to learn that her husband has died. Louise has been consumed by her marriage so much that when she learns the death of her husband, all she could think in that moment is that she finally going to be free. She no longer has to please anyone but herself. Kate Chopin applies emphasis of fear, excitement, and hope to bring her ideas of her newfound freedom and living a new future for herself. Kate Chopin was raised in the time that women did not really have any rights. She wrote the story for women who were dealing with the same situation, so they can connect to her. She was well known for writing short stories that focus on women who are dealing with these forms of society bricks. In the late nineteenth century, women were bound to their husband’s power and status, but if they are widows, nobody expects them to have the responsibility of finding a husband to follow, so they have more…show more content…
Women become invisible with no voice, no desires, and no identity. “When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease-of joy that kills” (Chopin, 477). This last phrase consciously ironic because Louise probably felt both joy and intense sadness at Brently’s return, having her husband’s back and the loss of her freedom due to her marriage. Mrs. Mallard died because her newfound identity was taken from her when her husband walked into that room. Her freedom was suddenly snatched from her, and she could not bear it. She was finally going to be free of her duty as wife, and of what society expected of her, but now there is no place for her anymore, so there is nothing left but
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