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The name - is Audriyana Reyes. I know I know. Humongous first name and tiny last name. Weirdest combination ever. That’s exactly why I insist everyone call me Yana. Yana Reyes. Easy and simple even though my life is anything but that. Anyway, moving on from names, I should mention that I’m no ordinary person blabbering about unimportant stuff. If you’re not smart, (and I mean it), I highly suggest you stop reading this RIGHT THIS INSTANT. I, and the rest of my league, come from an extraordinary school that no one has ever heard of. S.P.Y. School. Now, before you come to wild conclusions about why the school is called what it is, I must make it clear that the school’s name is S period P period Y period. S.P.Y. The School for Supernatural Passionate Youngsters. Clearly different from spy. So if the school is that extraordinary, how come no one’s ever heard of it? Well, that’s because it’s top secret. Only extremely smart (the S might as well stand for that) and brainy people ever get to come to this school. They’re so beyond average, they’re supernatural.
You might be thinking “who is this girl bragging about some strange spy school?” But trust me, that is not even the beginning. If you get invited to this school, you might be one of the most brilliant people on this planet. No kidding. And if you actually get in, you are one of the most brilliant people on this planet. However, don’t get your hopes too high. The invitation’s not all. After you get invited, you’re brain is tested. And I don’t mean that you have to take some exam or anything. Your brain is literally tested under a machine invented by the Pros (our fellow teachers) known as the Decision-Maker. And it does decide your life. Your whole life can change depending on th...

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...w an impossible sight. Ms. Laragamy was smiling. An actual smile. It was like she was a completely different human being once you were a part of S.P.Y. I guess the idea shocked me so much that I ignored the fact that they hadn't even asked me if I wanted to be a part of S.P.Y.
So yeah. That’s how my life in S.P.Y. started. Now I should tell you that this isn't just about me and my little spy school for smart kids. This is about a whole community that has always been unknown to the rest of the world. A philosophy that can change our world forever. If you've ever thought that anyone who gets a 100% on a math test is the smartest kid ever, you’re off by trillions. In our world, we start doing university work at the age of middle school. And no. I don’t mean just studying, I mean work. We develop new inventions that even the world’s best techie guy hasn't dreamed of.

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