Stockholm or reality? Will America ever know the truth about Patty Hearst?

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Patricia Hearst was a media heiress, who was brought up for a life of leisure and not having to want for anything. When she was sixteen she did her first controversial act, she started dating her 23 year old math tutor, who she later got engaged to. Her sheltered life did little to prepare her for what would soon happen.
On February 4, 1974, at the young age of 19 Patricia Hearst was kidnapped. Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) officers came to the door of Patricia Hearst and her then fiancé, Steven Weed. Steven was beat with a wine bottle and Patricia was blind folded, she then heard machine gun fire and screaming. Patricia was held in a closet, blindfolded and sexual molested. Her family received voice recordings, after a while they paid the ransom for Patricia to be set free, they received another voice recording saying, “I have been given the choice of 1) being released in a safe area or 2) join the forces of the Symbionese Liberation Army and fighting for my freedom and the freedom of all oppressed people. I have chosen to stay and fight,” (Williams, 2009).
Patty Hearst was held captive from February until April. Then after the voice message saying that she had joined the SLA and changed her name to Tania, she was believed to be a willing participant in the terrorist acts the group had committed. The first act she was a part of was robbing the Hibernia bank in San Francisco. That is when the mystery and controversy began. Was she a willing participant or was she being held at gun point? Was it Stockholm syndrome, which is described as feelings of trust or affection that occur in certain kidnapping situations? Was her gun really loaded and did she have a choice in what she was doing? Will America ever know the truth?
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