Steroid Usage of MLB Players in the Hall of Fame

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In 1936, five of the best baseball players know in the United States were elected into the first induction class. Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Honus Wagner, and Babe Ruth were the first players in Major League Baseball history to be recognized for their outstanding achievements. These five men, along with 301 other Major League Baseball players, have been elected into the MLB Hall of Fame in the span of 75 years, but how many of these players have “cheated” their way into this historical museum which is meant to honor only the best of the best players. A rule which bans any player from the Hall of Fame and removes any player already in the Hall of Fame that has evidence or admitted to using illegal substances while playing in the major leagues should be set in place. Baseball is considered to be “the national pastime” but it has always been perceived as a sport of integrity. “Baseball in America: A History” that Baseball originated before the American Civil War (1861-1865) as rounders, a humble game played on sandlots” (U.S. Department of State). The game was made to include the skills of cricket along with the mental judgment that helped make cricket a respectable game in England. Scoring and run-keeping allowed baseball to differ from other sports and helped people become interested. The first professional baseball team was created in 1871 and almost every major city had a professional baseball team by the early 20th century. Depending on where the team was from determined if they were a part of the American League or the National League. In a team’s regular season, they only play teams of the same league as them. At the end of each regular season, the team that has won the most games from each league wins the “... ... middle of paper ... ...abolin and Winstrol, both steroids that were and still are banned in the MLB. Near the end of the series, Clemens approached McNamee asking for help on injecting steroids. McNamee stated that towards the end of Clemens 1998 season, he showed remarkable improvements in his playing. "I put a lot of work into that career," he said. "I appreciate my teammates who came in and all the emails and phone calls from my teammates” (Duncan). Clemens did work hard in all his seasons and he should never have that credit taken away from him but in all truth, the steroids he took did help him to train longer and harder than his body would have allowed without the steroids, which in a way can be considered as “cheating.” Roger Clemens was an outstanding player and his achievements will never be over looked but that is hard when you know he had “help” to get those achievements.

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