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Around the modern world people tremble at the very thought of Radical Jihadists, or Terrorists, when trying to live their normal lives. Making strange eye contact to those who wear turbans or have Arabic origins. Secluding them from society and making comments of hatred towards their people. But, the people of the Western world do not ever acknowledge what might be causing these attacks in the first place. Westerners brand them as terrorists, they brand themselves as freedom fighters; people argue both ways on this topic. 9/11 was just one of the many effective displays of terror that they can cause among the Western powers. Islam also has interesting teachings, which turns some people into fanatics or zealots; driving them to commit such atrocities. Islamic Fundamentalism is the bad idea of mixing religion with politics, resulting in dictators who hate the U.S and most likely secretly support Al-Qaeda Thus resulting in the West generalizing the Arabic population as just being mindless terrorists. The attacks located at the Benghazi Embassy, another freighting display of power. America pretends they are not a problem, thinking that because the U.S is a super power it can handle anything the world can throw at them; this is not a laughing matter like U.S officials believe it to be. A red letter day, 9/11, an arguable point in this ongoing debate, is nothing short of an example of Western annoyances; 9/11 showed the power and influence this organization has. Terrorists attacks, no doubt, happen on a daily basis; civilization as we know it assumes they are insane or just downright idiotic, while others might argue they have a logical reason to.
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...o turn to these terrorists groups and even volunteer to strike out against the west to teach them a lesson for their biased opinions. Many reasons provoke people into doing misdeeds, the ones listed above are but of few of many that cause Islamists to snap.
From 9/11 to Benghazi, from Islamic Fundamentalism to even everyday stereotypes; all of these have logical reasoning for the attack, and the damage it brings with. Islamists currently feel misplaced in the world, under attack from the west wanting more and more of their resources. America is doing nothing to help these people and instead make them feel oppressed in their own countries and even their own homes. How can America even say they are liberators if they are really the oppressors in this world?

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