Stereotypes Of Women In The Media Analysis

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Our world is changing more and more everyday and one thing that is changing is the way social media and the internet affects one´s life. The media has either caused positive and negative affects on the beauty standards such as how people especially females should view themselves and how they should view others. This issue is commonly seen amongst women and not a lot of men because the media always seems to talk about the beauty standards of a female and seeing these type of standards and rarely seen about a male. By the media doing this it is teaching kids, especially younger girls something that hurt them in the long run and change the person that they really are. The media shows images of females who are skinny and have toned bodies or …show more content…

Schaefer talks about media from the feminist perspective and the beauty myth. Chapter six talked about mass media and how there is a stereotypical portrayal of women. One way that women are being shown as “ Being shallow and obsessed with beauty” (137), they are also portrayed unclothed or damaged. When the media portrays a female like that it is very sad and makes it seem like women do not care about their bodies, but the truth is they really care about these things. Some people especially men may like what they see and the type of figure that the female has and will try to encourage other women to be like that. By men doing this is can make a female feel very uncomfortable and sometimes a women wished that the media would not post and even talk about women like that because they feel like they need to meet society's standards. In chapter seven it talked about the beauty myth from a female and male perspective. “ Both overweight and anorexic people are assumed to be weak in character , slaves to their appetites or to media images” ( 152). Personally I feel that they become weak in character because they have so much pressure on them to be a different person and to look like others, so they finally give in. A person can handle only so much pressure from others. Looking at the beauty myth from a feminist perspective the sociologist noted that women feel very uncomfortable with themselves and lack confidence. They lack confidence within themselves and think that they need to change their appearance. In men a lot of them undergo surgeries to change also who they are to meet the beauty standards that the society has

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how social media and the internet affect one's life and how it affects the beauty standards of women and men. the media is teaching girls something that hurts them in the long run.
  • Analyzes how the media shows images of females who are skinny and have toned bodies that girls and even guys think are perfect. in a video called #hatchkids discuss girls body image, young female girls talk about the beauty standards and how those standards seem impossible to meet.
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