Statement of Purpose from Homeless to Student

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Visualize living in a beautiful 4-bedroom home near the mountains. Now, imagine the transition to living in a car. Eventually you will shift from receiving government assistance to attending graduate school while working for the federal government. That is a snapshot of my life. Life has thrown me lemons, and I have done my best to make the sweetest lemonade. I have sustained employment since my senior year of high school, and have maintained above a 3.0 throughout my collegiate career. The roughest period was the 2007-2008 school year when I lost an uncle, grandmother, and best friend during a five month period. Nevertheless, my experiences never deterred me from achieving my dreams. I want to support children and families potentially headed down similar paths. In order to become this leader in serving children and their families, I am turning to the Human Development and Family Studies for further guidance. The yearning to resolve social, development and academic challenges faced by children and families developed long before interest in this program. Although my undergraduate program was history, I used electives to learn about human development. One of my favorite courses was Introduction to Sociological Research. My research titled “College Promiscuity” examined 100 college students and their stance on human sexuality. My desire to learn more about human development also led to becoming a resident assistant. For two years I was the only resident assistant for 176 residents in the largest residence hall. I gladly accepted the challenge because overcoming adversities comes natural. My job description only required me to create two programs a semester; however, I saw a need to for monthly programs to create unity and social ... ... middle of paper ... ...when I got older I did research and found the reputation of the University extends beyond athletics. It is a premier university with some of the Nation’s most creditable research. My desire to enter this program is influenced by the program’s leading-edge approach to the study of individuals and families, and associated programs. Another element that allured me to the program is the diverse curriculum preparing students for diverse living and working environments. I am interested to complete courses such as Child Development, Human Sexuality, and Parent-Child Relationships. In addition, I am excited to interact with Dr. Mary Elizabeth Curtner-Smith and Dr. Casey Totenhagen whose work is close to what I want to pursue for research. I am beyond confident my experiences are a welcoming and valuable addition to the scholastic environment at The University of Alabama.
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