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People think that dealing with poverty, in terms of money, is someone else’s problems and that it only occurs to others, but on an average person’s mind, one never sees themselves as the one with problems with poverty but mainly tame to focus on satisfactions such as love, power, and especially money but not many minds know how to control those desires. Money in today’s world is used for whatsoever, which directs us to have money governor over us instead of being able to control it. Just like it is not easy to make a vast change in life it can be done with simple steps if determined to do so. Many researchers come around the studies that tie in high statistics that are still present to the growth about poverty and yet come back to the consideration of culture taking place. Culture is mainly thought for one definition, of what makes us humans different, and after that it means nothing more than a word but that word has an impact into what this world goes through when it comes to poverty. Understanding poverty is not an stress-free task when the term itself has many opinions over it of what it means to be impacted in this world but it is also not difficult to see that it is the person himself thinking they are poor because of the many things that go around them that makes them want to be similar to those who are rich with the items they all wish to have but not everything is necessary in order to be rich in need. Poverty is a state of mind that stays in the mind rather than an economic hurdle and problems stemming from it are psychological rather than economic. Robert Kiyosaki the author of a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad explains to many readers the opportunity of having to live in a choice that makes us choose to live either as rich or poor. “Money is kind of a base subject. Like water, food, air and housing, it affects everything yet for some reason the world of

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